SEO Writing

The most important thing in SEO Writing:

  • Know the Target Market related to your business
  • Research targeted keywords and phrase related to your sites
  • Formulate important words from targeted keyword
  • Separate words as Most Important, Primary and Secondary Keyword
  • Place keywords in Title Tag, Meta Tag, Heading tag, Anchor Tag related to text in the web page.
  • Make sure to place appropriate and relevance key with web page content.
  • Place different key on different website pages
  • Use more keyword phrases by search engine optimization copywriting.
  • Avoid irrelevant word, it may temporary increase traffic to your website but can not help to generate business.
  • Consider the density of keywords in the content and avoid stuffing page with only them. Sometimes search engine consider it as spam page.
  • Place important keyword in the beginning of page. At least 300 to 500 word of text require assessing its relevance.
  • Give anchor name, web page name, file name, image name that match with your keywords, it helps search engine and also benefits to get top search engine ranking by SEO writing.
  • Write sufficient text on your home page [index page] and also on important section pages for successful search engine optimization and web design.
  • Often update your website content as and when possible to attract viewers to visit your site regularly and also to get good listing as search engines always seek for fresh contents.

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