E-Commerce Marketing & Management Services

E-Commerce websites remain a better choice for marketing and business development purpose apart from other forms of internet marketing. But then, how long Ecommerce websites are successfully handled? have they been monitored or updated frequently? Or have your customers getting response on time and get satisfied? These are some of the important contemplations which many online business owners have in their mind. E-commerce business management is the key to the above queries. It is the process of handling and managing business practices in accordance with competence, successful strategies and legal terms and conditions. Unless the business owner knows the online marketing rules, this service cannot be successfully run without the help of exceptionally skilled marketing professional service.

When it comes to online trade, there is considerable amount of growth expected as online marketing spreads fast and grabs more consumers. If the source of information provided on the business sites remain worthwhile, competitive and interesting, then chances of more visitors visiting your website will increase day by day. Here comes the requisite for Ecommerce management. It involves presenting product details through convenient means of access for the consumers. This process is suitable for all types of Ecommerce businesses.

Advantages of Ecommerce Management

Managing Ecommerce websites is something different than web-based management process. It helps to uphold one’s own business vision and mission. Have a look at the following features that are involved in E-commerce website management. It starts with managing efficient product catalogue management and forming comprehensive reports. This means, checking if your product catalogue remains up to the mark and remains easily accessible with the kind of information people are interested to read. Monitoring also involves planning marketing programs. It helps to reduce delays in interaction of communication with the consumers. Apart from that it includes more assistance to make your business remain consistent in profit making. The priority of shopping websites remains on making your online business successful and highly recognizable. A good management leads towards the route of success.

E-Commerce Portal Management

Portal management remains the start up service when it comes to managing shopping websites. It is done by customizing your brand that serves a bridge between you, consumers, distributors and retailers. This process includes various activities like inquiry handling on phone/email, customer’s telephone handling, live chat handling, client objection and complaint handling, order and payment confirmation, order dispatch handling and also includes maintaining track of customer interaction and featuring more flexible aspects for making interactions much easier and innovative. The above features have become more important for overall business administration of commercial websites such as,

Inquiry Handling (Phone/mail)

Managing customer enquiries involves collection information from every specific customer and storing the data. It is very important to handles these enquiries in terms of responding and checking the status if they are provided with correct information. The inquiries also help to further negotiate on business based on different expectations from the consumers and keep in track of all types of enquiries which have reached either through phone or email. Therefore, it becomes easier for the business owner to check the data as and when they need.

Customer’s Telephone Handling

Customer service is the prime requirement to run a successful commercial website and telephone connectivity remains an important requisite for customer inquiry and response management. Customer telephone handling service is a reliable way to answer all the calls to customers and apart from that, this is also helpful in processing payment requests, negotiating solutions for inquiries, provide trustworthiness of the business website and reduce the risks of fraudulence etc. This makes easy for business owners to reduce the burden and can focus on other business parameters which help them to grow business further.

Live Chat Handling

Live Chat service is one among the best customer services that has been found to show good level of satisfaction from customers due to instant response. This facility allows the representatives to handle multiple enquiries at the same time in addition to maintaining efficient and spontaneous way of response than through attending phone enquiries. It is approved by majority of consumers as they prefer to move on ecommerce websites that has Live Chat support.

Client Objection Handling

Objection or reason provided by consumer for not purchasing a product is one of the critical issues in business. Handling objection requires strategic approach and finds serious means to remove the objectionable aspects of sales. Since, every enquiry from customer has a reason behind. Not all the enquiries are catered after making purchase decision, in many cases consumers generate enquiries and decide to make transaction based on the response from the business website. Objection handling service takes your business to the safe zone as the response from the professionals like us, would be aimed at catching the hidden objection of the consumer and then probing into the specific expectation of them. This would reduce the idea of dropping out by consumers and allow them to think about seriously buying a product with positive review.

Client Complaint Handling

Customer complaints reflect the setbacks of a business. Poor customer complaint management can lead to spoil your business growth and reputation. Trying to resolve the complaints or issues raised by customer at the earliest and in a favorable way will attract the buyers to visit your website and do purchases again. Complaint handling service will be very useful for Ecomm websites. This service will enable to find what is the insight behind every complaint, helps to organize complaints that are worth to be resolved, assist in identifying the type of customer, raise supportive questions favoring both customer and business, etc.

Order Confirmation on Phone/Mail Handling

Order confirmation handling includes recording the list of orders with more attention provided on accuracy of order details. The date is then recorded securely so that the order is processed to be delivered with complete customer satisfaction. This service stays efficiently for managing order over phone and mail. It will support your business to run hassle free and reduces cost of processing.

Payment Confirmation Handling

The basic ground for successful business stays on transaction. It has to be reliable for both the buying and selling party. When it comes to online transaction, there includes lot of issues to be administered starting from order confirmation for the money the customer pays to proper dispatch of goods to the right person. Payment confirmation handling service helps to manage order and payment details, updated database containing details about order, stock, etc, and process transactions done by credit card or debit card for successful business processing.

Order Dispatch Handling

This service helps to manage order, control product stock and follow dispatch subsequently. It includes proper shipment and let the consumer to track the status of dispatched order and assured delivery. For the business owner, this service helps him to progress with timely delivery of goods and obtain customer satisfaction.

We provide the above facilities with exceptionally talented professionals. Pricing is another factor that keeps our services cost effective for all types of businesses and helps to hold your business vision confidently.