Importance of Domain Name for SEO

The importance of website domain name and its identity is as important as the identity of a human being. In the web world there are millions of web sites, approximately 2.5 crores of web sites. Now one can think how much difficult is it for the internet user to find a site without an appropriate name or information? Domain name is very important for ones survival in the competitive global market. There are also questions which occur such as when a website visitor can find a website by a keyword or product or brand name, than what is the importance of It? There are many answers for such questions, but first let us know what it is ?

What is Domain Name?

It is a unique name of the website which is used to view a particular site. It is the name you type in the address bar of the Internet Browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Basically each web site has unique IP address [a numerical digit] which is very difficult to remember; therefore it is replaced by a this name to easily remember and find by people. For example url of our website is It provides an online identity and a contact point for your business, organization, or service.

Selection of Domain Name

Selecting a most appropriate web address for your web site is the very first step and imperative task towards building your presence in the internet market. In order to sell your product online or for online business, you need to build up your credibility.

Web optimization is an essential element for every website to make your site popular across the world and attract natural traffic from search engines to generate business enquiries for expansion of your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process starts by choosing a relevant name for your web site and its a key factor to improve out website ranking.

The web spiders’ give importance to age of domain name; incoming links, web content, and the date when the url was registered. The age is an important factor for Google’s search engine algorithm. The age gives the appearance of longevity and therefore good chances of Top Ranking in Google. This is also one of the important reason that once you select appropriate name for your company you don’t need to change it for years and enjoy benefit of domain age for good listing in Search Results.

Things to be consider for selecting suitable Domain Name for SEO

  • Select name as per popularity of your company or products. Make a short list of keywords related to your company, business, service or profession. If your product or brand name is more popular than your company name than you should select web-address related to your product or brand name.
  • Keep the name related to the industry in which your company operates, it may also send the precise message across to your visitors.
  • Find some popular keyword related to your business or industry. This will help your customers remember your web address better. In addition browsers also give top ranking to those web sites which contain the keyword in the title related to site content. Therefore if your url and content are relevant to each other then your site can get good benefits using ethical Search engine optimization for organic listing.
  • Try to avoid very long name of your website. It is advisable to not keep your url more than 67 character long. Give your first preference as .com for your site address since most people are familiar with “.com”. No matter what you choose make sure it is short and easily recognizable. This is the name people will find you and you will be popular in the world of web. Preferably short, simple and catchy that easily memorable to visitors.
  • In case if you cannot get the url of your choice then you should go for some other alternative such as .in or There is also other way that you may try to buy the web-address from the current owner. You can get that information from “whois” for the domain, contact person listed and check whether he is interested in selling the domain. But this is a long process and if you can find some good alternate url name than it is more advisable to buy a new name for your website.
  • If you are unable to get short name of your choice and you have to go for long name than you must consider long url that have your site keywords to get an advantage in search engine listing. You can use combination of keywords and keyword phrases to generate browser friendly name.
  • Selecting an appropriate domain Name with targeted Keywords and Keyword phrases has one more advantage; when a website links to you using your url as the anchor text, this link gives you more weight on the browsers for the Key phrase used in the link anchor text. Directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo often use the site’s name in their listing.

It can also be known by its name after .dot extension. The end part after dot, “.com”, is called the top level domain (tld). This is the identifying part of the name which separates the actual web address.

For example :

  • .com for commercial website
  • .edu is for educational institutes; a top level domain name used for educational sites.
  • .org for big organization
  • .net used for Internet administrative site
  • .gov used for government sites.

There are country specific domains from which one can easily identified that from which country the website originate.

For example

  • .in for India
  • .uk for United Kingdom
  • .us for United Status
  • .ca Canada
  • .jp Japan

And finally one should know the difference between url and website. Owing your url does not mean that you have your website. For having website activate on the internet for the particular url you need to buy web space to host your data on web server from web service provider.

By selecting appropriate url there are more chances to have natural traffic to your search engine friendly websitebecause more people will be returning as they can remember your address and because many search directories, browsers such as Google, MSN, Yahoo etc index websites with their own url. The right Web address for your business or organization can have extremely positive long term implication that can make all the difference. Cost of web-address is very low nowadays; by having a professional website design you can boost your business worldwide.

Search engines give top priority for the keyword occurring in url in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). You can also take advice of professional SEO Company. A SEO professional can guide you to get most appropriate domain name for your business.

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