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    How to Remove Bad Links?

    With the help of Google webmaster tool, you can check the quality of links you have incurred. If it is a low quality link, you can remove with the access of that link you have else you can use Google disavow tool. For more information on Google webmaster and disavow tool for links removal, you may click here to watch this video.

    How Link Earning is Different than Link Building?

    Link Building and Link Earning are the hot terms discussed in the webmaster world frequently and it is likely to know them better as early before your site hits due to inorganic link building. In both the cases links are generated pointing to your site but in the case of link building, you generate links for your site and in case of link earning; others are generating links pointing to your site for popular and great reference of your site. For more information click here to watch our video.

    How to Improve Google AdWords Performance without Increasing Your Budget Using Ad Extensions?

    Google AdWords Ad Extensions can improve your AdWords Performance. It covers various aspects and importance of Ad Extensions. Ad Extensions are a type of ad format that show extra information about your business. Using Ad Extensions you can display a map with your business location, link to additional pages within your site, Click-to-call phone number, connect +1s from your Google Plus page to your ad, and include your business' seller ratings. This will improve your AdWords performance without increasing your budget and increase the relevancy of your ad to potential customers. For further details click here to watch our video.

    How to Avoid Content Duplication with Desktop & Mobile website while using Same Content for both?

    If you are having a desktop website and you are in process of developing the mobile website with the same content of desktop website, it needs to have proper tagging between both the website to list properly with avoiding matter duplication. For responsive website, the tagging is not required as in both site versions URL remains the same. So responsive designing is quite preferred above the mobile website design.

    Though in mobile website, each desktop URL has an equivalent different URL serving mobile-optimized content. A common setup would be pages on serving desktop users having corresponding pages serving mobile users. More information on tagging to avoid content duplication on different devices, to watch our video click here

    How to Add Negative Keywords to your Google AdWords Video?

    Negative keywords are words or phrases that prevent your ads from showing when a user is searching for those keywords or phrases. Negative keywords can help you reach the most interested customers, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment. For example, if you are selling only cameras and not camera bags, adding "-bags" as a negative keyword will not trigger your ad when someone searches for "camera bags.", to watch the video that explores adding negative keywords to your Google AdWords click here