SEO using Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing Technology

Search Engine Optimization is a very complex and an intelligent practice which needs constant update about various strategies and techniques invented by search engines. Web optimization using latest methods gives more success to get good ranking in search engine result pages(SERPs).

Google and other major browsers are always in progression to upgrade their search technology with change in time and web technology. When they get success in finding new search technology they utilize their advance technology to provide best and efficient search results to the millions of internet surfer across the globe.

Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Technology

The recent technology introduced by Google is Latent Semantic Indexing Technology.

LSI is a system that develops to search information by improving your ability to find information. It can easily retrieve any information using its automatic and powerful statistical algorithms. It analyzes the character strings in your web page and compares them to a large database of words, the meanings of which have been defined. LSI or LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis) can be used to determine the difference by means of analysis of the other words in the text.

How LSI Works?

  • When you enter search query to find information on internet, LSI search relevant document with having words which are often used in the same context. If you enter some product or item in your search query, it also searches the popular brands for the search. For example if you enter ‘computer’ in your search it also shows popular PC brand name such as ‘Dell’, ‘Apple’ etc.
  • It can retrieve relevant pages even when they do not share any words with your query — concepts replace keywords to improve retrieval. It adds an important step to the document indexing.
  • Primarily, it was used to detect spam websites with having stuff of keywords used in their pages to get top rank in browser.
  • It helps search engines to search all about content of web page. It basically means that you should not focus on a single keyword when optimizing web pages and when getting links. You have to include words which are very related to that keywords (synonymous, popular brand name etc]
  • For SEO using LSI, you should optimize some of web pages on your website for main keywords that are synonymous with the keyword you are targeting.

In short while using latent semantic indexing for internet marketing, you should not focus on single keyword. You have to use all associated word with targeted keywords.

Following steps explain how LSI works:

The new concept space can be used to:

  • Compare the documents in the concept space (data clustering, document classification).
  • Find similar documents across languages, after analyzing a base set of translated documents (cross language retrieval).
  • Find relations between terms (synonymy and polysemy).
  • Given a query of terms, translate it into the concept space, and find matching documents (information retrieval).

LSI is used to determine the correct meaning of homonyms, heteronyms and polysemes.

  • Homonyms are spelled and pronounced identical, but have different meanings, such as lock, with three meanings.
  • A heteronym is a word spelled the same as another, but with a different pronunciation and meaning, such as lead: a metal or to be in front.
  • Polysemes are words spelled the same, and from the same root, but used differently such as a mole – a burrowing animal, or a mole – a spy deliberately placed in an organization. Both moles have the same root, but the words are used in different contexts.

How LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) or LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis) Helps SEO?

LSI or LSA is very helpful for the SEO Company or Consultant who provides ethical services for optimization of their customer’s websites. It is very useful search technology but it need to utilize very carefully so one needs thorough understanding of it. By using targeted word intelligently, SEO Company can help their customers to get top rank in SERPs.

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