Other Services

    YouTube Channel Design

    The purpose of designing YouTube channel is to obtain brand identity. This is done through designing channel banner, registration and channel profile creation and then updating videos about your products/services. It is an effective way of promoting all types of businesses because sharing video content in YouTube and other video channels leave a significant impact on the minds of the viewers and this in turn will make them think about your brand. However, successful channel creation resided on the way of customization. This requires registering as a YouTube user and creating your own channel to publish videos. Topranker.net supports in terms of registering your account and setting up and designing your channel for publication aspects.

    Advantages of YouTube Channel Design

    • Easy recognition of your Videos.
    • Multiple Videos can be categorically stored for easy accessibility.
    • You are allowed to use your brand colors, images, etc and can declare your brand identity on the internet world.
    • Enhance your online marketing with unique company identity on YouTube.

    YouTube Video Creation

    YouTube video creation is creating video contents about your products/services, in a way, exploring into the products and its advantages in detail. This video content creation is helpful in terms of visually highlighting the worthwhile and unique features of your product. It is the process of designing content in such a way that suits the needs of your audience. The video content created for this purpose should contain valuable, assisting, convincing and appealing information about your company, products and services. Topranker.net will design your product video considering the above important features. We also optimize your videos for better visibility in search engine results. Our design will include,

    • Selection of targeted keywords for video content.
    • Creates informative video description.
    • Selection of better video template that suits your promotional requirements.
    • Video content is to be prepared with informative texts and images for viewers.
    • Posting them in your YouTube account.
    • Review the video performance.

    Content Writing

    There are varieties of strategies which SME businesses/Corporate can follow for their online business. However, every strategy is focused on either promoting your product or services or building brand identity. Unique and informative content is always required to promote your website/online identity well, on internet. The content should reflect several aspects of your business like product description, advantages of the product than that of competitors’ etc. These aspects can be made possible only in terms of creating good content. However, when it comes to meeting the competence, selection of content in suitable form is more important. Some of the popular forms of contents which people hold fast and which help for successful marketing are,

    A) Website Content Writing


    The website content must be good, informative and should provide all types of information that your prospective clients are looking for. The point of making visitors choose your product is the toughest challenge in internet marketing. However, this can be won over in terms of following a writing style that is, more competitive, clarifies audience expectations, contains detailed information showing the unique features, allow audience to engage and finally provoke them to finalize your product convincingly. The content is the key point to success as it should be formatted using required keywords in right proportion. With well experienced in-house writers who can cover plethora of topics, Topranker.net assists its clients by providing content write ups in the most competitive way. Our writers have excellent research skills to find different range of information that is fresh yet trustworthy, as they know the variation between writing for general purpose and writing for the web.

    B) Blog / Article Writing


    Blog is one of the fast growing and well adopted forms of content in the internet world. As far as blog for marketing is concerned, it helps in gaining voice to your website product/service identity. It allows visitors to get involved in what you are trying to convey them and the readers can interest by leaving comments about what they feel about your message etc. It can also be defined as a source of educating audience. A good quality of blog remains the driving force of reputation building, to bring more traffic to your website and it allows you to keep in touch with your audience. At Topranker.net, we provide blog writing service in an extraordinary way through targeting the catchy and competitive aspects of article promotions. This makes the audience feel the bliss of reading informative blogs. Article writing is an identical form of blog however; article writing is used as one of the useful means of internet marketing. Topranker.net helps its clients by submitting articles about your business, focusing on the merits from different perspectives which will make your business shine in the crowd. Know more about the advantages of Article Writing for Marketing

    • Writing article about product and product related information helps you to connect with audience. And can increase sales when the article is passed over to targeted audiences.
    • Starting from headlines to conclusion, every word can fetch trust, interest and can guide your audience on the right track.
    • Selection of good keywords and phrases in the article helps to increase the visibility of your article and reach to the readers across the globe.

    C) Press Release Writing


    Press release writing is something about covering news perspectives to the existing concept and obtains good results. When it comes to applying press release writing for marketing, it can be used to highlight some important announcements for your company, product/services that is newsworthy. The purpose is to be providing good coverage to your business so that audience will become aware of it. There are many important aspects like new information about your products, new announcements/new business events from the company etc, to be considered for Press Release. Topranker.net supports it clients through all respects to create press releases for popular websites where target audience can be reached soon.

    Email Marketing

    Emails help business owners to connect to the worldwide audience. It helps in evaluating audience response and takes you to the next level of marketing. You can make more changes to your business or bring innovations in your products/services based on your audience response analysis. Topranker.net assists through Email marketing starting from customizing newsletter template, mailing to the huge crowd having in its database, schedule newsletters to be send and finally track response.

    Social Profile Creation

    Social profile creation service available at Topranker.net provides you favorable space to promote your business on social media platforms. We create social media profiles in top social media networking websites like Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

    Live Chat Support

    If you are making online business or having Ecommerce website, we can help in growing your business by handling various customer interaction activities through Live Chat Support that may save your time with great care of your customers through professional interactions with them. We may provide live chat support including Pre-Sales and Post Sales support and handles all queries of your client with systematic approach that can make your business more streamlined. This service will help to obtain sales and support aspects easy for business as well as consumers to contact.