Guaranteed Top 10 Position in Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Population of internet has expanded business horizon across the world. Today even small business firms are doing business by sitting on computer. To do business through internet does not need any other marketing investment like offices in other countries, mediators like wholesale, agent, dealers or distributors, advertisement in trade journals etc. You only need to have good positioning of your website in leading search engines. Now this fact will trigger anyone’s mind when he reads, hears or analyses his competitor’s progress through internet marketing. This is the time when you become desperate to list your website with  top position in leading browsers. Some more research will make you learn about one word i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a mix of science and art, which helps you in positioning your website in browser with high ranking by specific keywords relevant to your business.

Now you will desperately look for the company engaged into the business of search engine optimization. You will come across different companies where some company will give you guaranteed top position in google and yahoo. You also want to grow very fast so you will be tempted by the company claiming top 10 guarantee in web crawlers. It is not possible to have knowledge of each and every field so you have to make your business decision by facts. But in optimizing your website, you do not have time to think. You will like to go to the company who promises you to list your website in top 10 positions immediately. You will find no. of companies who will claim for search engine optimization with top 10 listing in Google, top listing in Yahoo and top listing MSN. You choose from the companies who guarantee for top 10 position and pay your hard earned money to them. Now you are sure that you will start getting business inquiries, but you realize that your site is not listed even in first 10 pages with desired keyword and to get business inquiry has been a dream. When you contact your company they will show your listing with your company name means if your company name is XYZ Inc. you will be listed with XYZ as they will show you the fine print of the contract that no where the guarantee for listing of your website with your choice of keywords is written. They will show you the positioning with vague keywords. Your time and money have now gone.

Why guaranteed top position is not possible in Search Engines?

The real fact is that the companies do not control any leading browsers nor do they have any type of “Special Relationship“. When browsers change their algorithm the listing also varies.

Do you know what google says about guaranteed top listing?
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Do you know what MSN tells about top ranking?
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So, it is not possible to have guaranteed top listing in popular browsers like google, yahoo or MSN. They can manipulate with fake search listings. There is no short cut for top ranking. It is a complete knowledge base and each site should have different strategy. There is no thumb rule of good ranking except relevant content. We also have to consider google’s aging delay while we assign seo assignment to any Company. Do not burn your money in this type of claim. We also suggest that before you go ahead with projects you should ask reference of the companies whose SEO work is done by that Company. Ask reference of the Search Engine Optimization Company without any hesitation from the few clients as it is not money but time which will never come back.

This article is written by  – CEO of Opal Infotech.