Business Promotion Through Facebook (FB) Marketing

Facebook is an incredible tool for business promotion and marketing. With more than 50 million active users, it is the best venue to endorse your product so that it reaches out to a large group of world populates. However one should have correct idea on how to promote it through this powerful social networking medium. It can be done as follows

Create Business Presence through Profile:

For promoting business on FB the most basic step to be done is to create a profile. With this profile one’s organization’s identity will be established on internet. The profile should be filled out fully and correctly so that it looks interesting to read and attractive as so that positive impression of your work is created on viewer’s mind. One should always add their website URL and blog to profile in the appropriate spots for better listing.

Once the profile is created you can add friends everyday and start creating a network so that more and more people get to know about business but however not more than 20-25 friends is recommended for a day. One can make post information about special offers and company news such as job postings on wall which will appear in your friends news feeds thus is good way to promote new products. This step of profile creation will take you a long way in developing relationships with fellow users and in positioning your work.

Facebook Fan Pages and Groups:

Fan page is yet another powerful marketing tool that is designed for promoting brands, products and services provided by the organizations. The main advantage of fan pages is that these are indexed by search engines like Google that give special attention to these pages by bringing these among major search results. These pages can be viewed even by the persons who are not members of it. Similar to profile, fan page must also have all the most relevant content and URLs. However with title of the page as most important keyword of your business you can make your page SEO friendly for better rating in search engines. Always keep updating your page and give it unique style to draw more attention.

Through groups people can come together to discuss or express their views on topics. One of the best features of groups is the ability to send messages directly to member’s inbox. It’s a great way to form a community and thus helps to develop your brand image.

Facebook Applications:

With FB applications for business, the owners with the help of developers could collaborate to create fun and cool applications that engage users. These applications can serve to be excellent sources for brand promotion, can help in new customer requirement, with these applications one can reach the target audience via the users of the applications that might not be possible through other mediums and thus can be good source for endorsing one’s profession. Not only these, These applications can be also used for other purposes like lead generation, reputation management, traffic management etc.

Facebook Window Clings:

FB window clings are the new ways of driving traffic to your page. These are ideal ways of web traffic management for small businesses. Actually window cling is a sign that you can stick to any window. It provides customers and passersby with unique URL of your profession. By using this window cling  visibility improves on internet as more users get to know that you are on FB, and as it provides them with your custom URL and thus drives more people to your small business page.

However there are also other ways of marketing your profession through this networking site. One can use FB ads to increase exposure using highly targeted CPC and CPM advertising techniques. With these ads one can target users by age, gender, location, interests, and even attach friend-to-friend interactions about business. There is provision for placing or listing the items for sale. This is the free marketplace that could be used promote items for sale on your website and is the best way to promote your products. There are also some easy tips like adding big profile picture to page, tagging fans in photos, creating different landing pages for different users, using contests and polls which can help for better business branding. So why not promote your profession through facebook when you have all these facilities and advantages readily available with it for perfect marketing.

This article is written by  – CEO of Opal Infotech.

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